Puzzle #22

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It's not a word you're looking for...


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    But what do the arrows mean?

  • If you moved each letter into the position indicated by the arrows, what do you end up with?

  • I am so stuck!!! Please someone help!!!!

  • Where do the letters I, V, L and D represent numbers?

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    I have three numbers but ID is not a Roman numeral.

  • First, move all of the letters into their new position. Then convert it to Roman numerals.

  • I feel really dim with this puzzle. I’ve been swapping letters, moving letters, trying to come up with a real Roman number, but nothing is working. I’ve gotten myself very confused about what I’m actually doing here. None of the hints are making it very clear what I am supposed to do, or end up with. I really could do with a clear example of what the steps are.

  • The arrows under the letters will tell you where the letter should move to, but it isn't a word you are looking for.

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