Puzzle #22

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It's not a word you're looking for...


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    But what do the arrows mean?

  • If you moved each letter into the position indicated by the arrows, what do you end up with?

  • I am so stuck!!! Please someone help!!!!

  • Where do the letters I, V, L and D represent numbers?

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    I have three numbers but ID is not a Roman numeral.

  • First, move all of the letters into their new position. Then convert it to Roman numerals.

  • The first arrow indicates one to the right giving me LIVDI…is that correct?

  • Help! If the last two letter are the wrong way around on LIVDI, then you are back to the beginning with LIVID. Do we move just one letter or the whole underlined block of letters? Thanks for any help!

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    I spoke in error before, sorry.

    The V has no arrows, so stays where it is. Every other letter moves according to the arrows.

    Once you've moved them all, you will realise this makes something other than a word.

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