Post Book Completion (Spoilers!)

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The following contains spoilers for puzzles once you have 'completed' the book.

You know how the first code should be altered. Where did you use that code? Follow the chain reaction...



  • Thanks for the book - one of the best I've tried, and I think my favourite of all the books of this general format because I feel all the puzzles were fair. It took 3 or 4 hours to solve, taking a few hints of which I think two or maybe three told me things I hadn't already worked out, which also makes it excellent value compared to various escape room games with similar (but far fewer) puzzles at the same cost. Hope you do another book!

  • Thanks for the feedback, and congratulations on zooming through the book! Really glad you enjoyed it and managed to work out every puzzle. Hopefully there were enough in there that still gave you a challenge. The book will be going on sale (Amazon) next month, if you know of anyone else that you think would enjoy it!

  • Just finished the book post puzzle 55. Thoroughly enjoyed working them out, even though it took me about a week to get through them. Still haven't solved puzzle 47 though, so I'll have to keep going on that one. Thank you! I just had to think simply

  • Fun book! A couple of things stumped me for a bit, usually from overthinking. Really well done, and I liked the post-55 twist. Hope you guys do more books in the future!

  • So am following the corrected code sequence and am on page 21 using the new Code 13

    have tried rotating the page to generate different numbers but not getting the right answer?

  • if you rotate a dart 180 you get the answer

  • @Alex I’m still not getting it

    so I’m not rotating the dart board 180 so the 20 is at the bottom and 3 at the top?

  • and the 18 now 7.

  • Thanks for the great book and the help. I look forward for the next one. Stay safe, stay home. Good night from lockdown Greece!!!

  • Finally completed ?? Really enjoyed working my way through this book definitely one of the most enjoyable ones I have done. Loved having to do the post p.55 corrected codes. Well done guys really is a great book.

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    Thanks both your comments, congratulations on completing it!

  • Fantastic book! Loved the twist at the 'end'. Completed it (I am not alone) but would like some hints as to the few I still can't solve.

    In Butterfly sequence 5, I get Now Reuse ATP. It's not clicking!

  • Now Re-use At 'P'

  • @TachyonBook said:

    Now Re-use At 'P'

    Doh! Do I feel stupid! Thank you for that, so obvious now. Anyway, completed all the corrected codes. Just got a couple of the regular ones to work out for my own satisfaction. I've done a review on Amazon which hopefully will get published soon. Looking forward to your next challenge.

  • All complete! Amazon review now live. Thanks again, great book!

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    Congratulations on completing it, and glad you enjoyed.

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    I'm stuck on butterfly sequence 3. I have the new code for 2, but can't get the new answer for puzzle 4 with the moon cycle and the new code 2 999 - help!

  • Butterfly sequence number is not the same as puzzle number. You have a new code - where did you use that code before?

  • Great book! Absolutely loved it! Have bought this as a present for someone who also enjoys puzzles!

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    Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it and now someone new will!

  • What a fantastic book. I especially enjoyed the twist at the end of the book. Out of all the interactive puzzle books I have done so far this one must be at the top of the list. Still there are five for me left to do from the first round of this book which I have difficulty with. Let us know when you have another one out.

  • Having issues solving puzzle 13 using the new code from puzzle 6.. isn’t it the “fifth” letter of the Greek alphabet?

  • You're right, but are you on the Butterfly Sequence? It starts by entering the new code on Puzzle 6 then staying in this new loop.

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    @TachyonBook said:
    You're right, but are you on the Butterfly Sequence? It starts by entering the new code on Puzzle 6 then staying in this new loop.

    Thanks! Turns out I just had to click “next puzzle” to stay in the sequence rather than scan the new code. It worked, thanks again.

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    Wow, just completed it. Great book. Is there going to be Tachyon 2? Any easter eggs hidden?

  • Loved the book, well done for creating amazing and unique puzzles. I hope there will be a sequel.

  • I was doing so I’m stuck on number 4 of Butterfly Sequence (page 36, assuming the directions from the previous code). Any help would be appreciated?! 😎

  • It works the same as the original puzzle, but follow the new directions.

  • Yep - that’s exactly what I did, and can’t see was assuming I am missing something.

  • You should end up with a four letter word. H is still the first letter.

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