Post Book Completion (Spoilers!)



  • Remember how you solved it the first time, starting from F? Now try again from P.

  • Force equals mass times?…why doesn’t acceleration complete? What is the final “?” For?

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    'Acceleration' is correct, but this isn't in the Butterfly Sequence...

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    I'm stuck on butterfly sequence 2 I've tried reversing the numbers but it's the same as code 55 which gives me the same word that started me into the sequences prior. I've tried every combination it seems but csnt come up with a 4 letter word

    I've got the answer Epsilon but stuck on the next one... I looked at ypur clue before of rotate oringal code 1 I get 8916 which just gets me the word sign lol

  • You solved Butterfly Sequence 2:

    Epsilon, giving you the code 'ROTATE'

    This code refers to the next puzzle in the sequence, not the numbers from Puzzle 6.

    Where did you originally use the code for Puzzle 13...?

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    The last hint was replace code 1 with rotate. So would I not go back to puzzle 6 and resolve? I'm lost my brain is broke lol

  • Nevermind I got it lol no idea why I got stuck on that way of thinking so long. Thank you and great book BTW so fun and frustrating all at once lol

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    confused. #6 When I use 8916 I get either SIGZ or CQEN which is not correct. Not sure what I am missing

  • Almost there - you've got the last letter the wrong way round.

  • Finished the book. Really liked it! Thank you for the help on some of the puzzles and hope another one will be in the making. Great stuff!

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