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  • Literally laughing out loud right now. Went back and checked everything and my husband spelled a word wrong… oops. Great book!! We shared with so many people. Thanks for the fun

  • Awesome book! Everything was so easy — after 36 hours of no sleep, 3 cups of coffee, 4 Red Bulls, a pack of cigarettes — and I don’t smoke! Just kidding … 🤪 What a delightful challenge this was and a worthy obsession. Too bad you don’t have a Tachyon Book of the Month Club, I would be a lifetime member. Thanks so much for putting forth the thought, energy and creativity to write the book, and the follow through in monitoring the hint page and offering occasional encouragement and guidance when I felt stuck. Good job. 👍🏻 Much appreciation to you!

  • Just finished the butterfly sequence. A truly great puzzle book, thank you so much for all the hard work that must have gone into it, especially the puzzles that worked 2 ways. Such a good mix of puzzles, of different types and varying difficulty. Some my 10 year old could do, others had me cudgelling my brains for ages. Thank you again!

    PS, please say you're working on another book?

  • I've finished the puzzle 55. Now I'm trying to press code 8916 in the puzzle 1 but nothing happens.... Help pls

  • If the numbers were upside down, how would that affect Puzzle 6?

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    six?! Puzzle 6! Oh, s...! no puzzle 1?! Then why it says start from the beggining?

  • ok I'm stuck!... cant find the next... I've looked all the codes and all the solutions... I dont have this number

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    You used the code from Puzzle 1 to help you complete Puzzle 6.
    What would happen if you tried to solve Puzzle 6 again but with the new numbers in Code 1?

  • @TachyonBook said:
    You used the code from Puzzle 1 to help you complete Puzzle 6.
    What would happen if you tried to solve Puzzle 6 again but with the new numbers in Code 1?

    Yes ok i have a new 'number'... So?

  • Using the new number, the answer to Puzzle 6 changes. Work out Puzzle 6 again and put in the new answer (a word).

  • But its a five letter word and i have 4 digits lock. And why try again on the same puzzle. Cant figure out whats going on!

  • You have the new four digits (8916). If you apply this to Puzzle 6, they tell you how to turn the cogs (differently to the first time you did the puzzle). Four digits, four cogs. This will give you a new, four letter word for you to enter on the Puzzle 6 page.

  • No, i have a five letter code 'fifth'

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    Right, I see. So you got the new answer. So where did you use that code before, the first time round?

    (Puzzle 13). Use this new Code "Fifth" to help you re-solve this puzzle.

    Make sure to start from Puzzle 5 so you stay in the pink screens - the 'Butterfly Sequence'. You'll be working your way through this new sequence.

  • Hi.
    Stuck on Puzzle 13.
    Using the “Fifth” clue gives “Epsilon”, not correct ☹️.
    Tried all the Greek letters, none correct.☹️☹️
    Now struggling, need help.

  • You've got the right answer, but you need to stay on the Butterfly Sequence. Answer the alternative answer for Puzzle 6, and it will lead you to the Butterfly Sequence - you'll know if you're on the right set because the backgrounds are all pink.
    Then try putting in your new answer, and keep following the sequence.

  • Wow. What a book
    Took me over a year (on and off) to complete.
    On the penultimate butterfly puzzle was searching for the right word, reversed the cut-out and managed to get "Rehab" as the answer...where I'll be going now!
    Thanks for the book. Loved every page!

  • Fantastic book loved the challenge even when it gave me a headache. Can't wait for the next one

  • @TachyonBook said:

    Now Re-use At 'P'

    Hi, I got this code and still stuck. I tried starting at the 'P' it finished with and counted every 7 going back to the start and it's gibberish. Can anyone assist? Thanks in advance.

    Great book and love the twist at the end end although some of the puzzles are a little too vague. I wouldn't have got this far without the hints!

  • I got the rotate answer for puzzle 1 in the butterfly version but don't know what to do. I rotated the wheel on puzzle 6 but can't get a new word? I got boat someway but it doesn't work

  • If you rotate the original Code 1, you get a new set of numbers. How do they change the answer to Puzzle 6?

  • Just finished and absolutely loved this. Can't wait for your next one. You've spoiled me for other books like this. Blew Forbidden Mine out of the water!!!

  • Fix Butterfly Sequence 1…what does that mean? Is butterfly page 13 Butterfly one or two?

  • Rotated the dart board and added the new numbers to no avail. What’s up?

  • What numbers did you use this time around?

  • 12,10,and 7

  • Remembering doubles and triples?

    Also make sure you are on the Butterfly Sequence (the screen should be pink) when you put in your answer.

  • Used SENSE NEW and the entire new replacement for butterfly sequence (14letters) and got HEAL or HERL. Having a hard time finding correct H _ _ _

  • HEAL is correct

  • I’m with KrisC…I got “NOW REUSE AT P”…every 7th letter? Are the arrows a part of the solution? HELP

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