Post Book Completion (Spoilers!)



  • Am I starting in the wrong place then? As using the original starting point, the first five directions (SEWSE) give me a ‘b’.

  • Sorry - ended up guessing four letter words beginning with ‘H’ and finally got it (but not through working)

  • @Midwich said:
    Am I starting in the wrong place then? As using the original starting point, the first five directions (SEWSE) give me a ‘b’.

    You still use the 'SENSE NEW'. But glad you got it!

  • Thank You for the explanation - NOW I see it. I just expected the new code to replace all three original codes and not just the third one.

    Excellent book - superior to others I’ve completed - hoping there will be a sequel. The post ‘ending’ is a pleasant surprise, and now I’m wondering if there are any hidden Easter Eggs?

  • Loved it! Thank you! Did need spoilers a lot of the time and couldn't do 17, 20, 21. Mainly because I messed up the page on 17. I know on 21 its darts but my scores don't give me a correct answer. Any help would be appreciated!

  • The first time round you need to add the dart numbers up and then add 180 to the total. Second time round, the 'add' becomes a new code word, which means you need to do something differently...

  • Having some trouble with Puzzle 13

    Last time it's the last greek letter, and this time I'd think it's 5th greek alphabet. However that (epsilon) is not working. Is this different from the first run? (I actually tried all greek letters and none of them worked...)

  • You're right, but are you on the Butterfly Sequence? It starts by entering the new code on Puzzle 6 then staying in this new loop.

  • Hi
    I loved this book so much. I've never done anything like this before but once I started I was totally addicted. Loved the twist at the end too - that was brilliant. Have you another planned any time soon? I have recommended to 4 friends so far!!

  • Hi Jessie, so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for recommending it. Make sure to follow our social media which is the first place we'll announce any future projects 😊

  • help with solving the first butterfly sequence.. got the word "fifth" then what? Puzzle 5?

  • OK so you have the Butterfly code. Now, where did you use that code the first time round? How does it change the puzzle now that it's 'fifth' instead?

  • Finally finished the book. Thank you very much for all your help.

  • @Alex said:

    and the 18 now 7.

    I am still stuck. Tried doing what you suggested but no joy.

  • What are the the three new numbers you've got?

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    18 > 7 > 21
    14 > 10 > 20
    2 > 12 > 12

    I have performed every kind of arithmetical operation I can think of.

    @TachyonBook said:

    What are the the three new numbers you've got?

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    You should be rotating the book 180 degrees so the dartbord is upside down. Which three numbers do the darts land on now? Add these together for your answer.

    You've got the three numbers, so just add them together. Make sure you're on the right page of the Butterfly Sequence:

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    So to continue the butterfly effect, we start at puzzle 6, enter the code and continue to the next puzzle. I’m confused on where to go from there.

  • Yes you start with Puzzle 6 and enter the new code, which puts you on the Butterfly Sequence.

    Then look in the book for where you used Code 6 before, and see how the new code word affects that puzzle.

  • Brilliant book ! Can't wait for your next adventure !

  • Great book. I got stuck in places and needed some spoilers.

  • Can I get a clue for butterfly sequence 7 please? I have cut out the Cancer star formation but can’t figure out where to put it on the scales?

  • Try around the centre column. The first letter is C.

  • Cheat? But isn’t accepting it

  • Make sure you're on the right page:

  • Apparently I wasn’t!!! Thank you so much. Loved the book. So clever and I’m hooked :-)

  • My dad loves the book! However he is stuck on puzzle 3 lol is there anyway we could get extra help? We have looked at the hint but we are still stuck :)

  • Hi so we complete butterfly sequence 7 and got the new 5 digits for puzzle 55 which gives us new letters but when we enter them it tells us they are incorrect can you please help us

  • The 5 new digits for Puzzle 55 tell you which letters to use from the long word on the right hand page. They should spell out a word - that's the final answer to enter...

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